About Us

Data Recovery Services P/L is a full service data recovery company serving all of Australia and Asia Pacific. Our organisation was established over 25 years ago in the United Kingdom and is the oldest company in Australia devoted exclusively to recovering data.

  • Data storage and computer experience since 1976
  • Software and Hardware capabilities (full service)
  • First company to do digital photographic media recoveries in Australia
  • In-house know-how with our proprietary and customisable technology
  • Develop and reinvest time and resources in new tools continually
  • In-house recoveries – all work performed on premises by us
  • No recovery too high a capacity
  • Extensive donor parts inventory
  • Professional, confidential and secure environment
  • No fix no fee policy
  • On-site recovery service when appropriate
  • Will provide confirmation letter for warranty purposes
  • Available after business hours and on weekends
  • Longest established data recovery company in Australia - trading since 1994

As pioneers in the industry we have set many standards and benchmarks for best practice data recovery. Over the years, we have been called upon by many high profile companies as well as Police, Defence and Government Agencies, to help recover data for many different cases. Today, we are engaged in research and analysis of the latest technology in data storage, in collaboration with other members of the Global Data Recovery Alliance, in order to better serve our clients and keep ahead of the competition.

Global Data Recovery Alliance