Hard Drive Recovery

Hardware Recovery

Most hardware recoveries require parts from matching hard drives. We hold an extensive inventory of hard drives and circuitry to assist us in recovering your data promptly. Should your particular hard drive not be in our inventory, our thorough searching process enables us to locate replacement hardware as quickly as possible.

In-house fully trained electronic engineering staff are on hand to repair or create alternative methods of reading data. The art of recovery goes beyond the normal methods used for reading a working drive.

Logical Recovery

We use in-house proprietary and customisable tools to enhance the recoverability of corrupt or incomplete file systems, and are therefore not reliant on, nor limited by, "off the shelf" data recovery tools.

Recoveries for fire, water and intentional damage are handled for insurance companies and corporate clients as well as private individuals.

Will provide confirmation letter for warranty purposes.

Our Process

Upon receipt of your hard drive, we will conduct a diagnosis to determine exactly what is wrong with the media. Once the diagnostic process is complete, we will contact you with a quote and approximate time to recover your data.

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