RAID Recovery

RAID arrays are our forte. If you are experiencing a problem, please call us before you attempt ANY remedial actions to repair the RAID, specifically, suggestions made by the manufacturer to remedy the situation. Each attempt, if not successful, will increase the risk of loss of valuable data.

We have made an extensive study of RAID methods employed by different manufacturers and are fully conversant with their on-disk stuctures. This enables us to adapt our RAID recovery tools to cope with variants and with new methods. We have an ongoing software/hardware development partnership with the GDRA members to maximize RAID recoveries.

You will personally interact with our technician during the entire recovery process. We will keep you apprised of our progress until you have your data back.

Our process and prices

Upon receipt of you RAID array, we will conduct an evaluation. Once the evaluation process is complete we will contact you with a quote. As a guideline, our price ranges are as follows:

Evaluation fee per hard drive in array (deducted from the recovery fee): $200 + GST

Recovery fees are based on what we need to do in order to get your data back and the number of drives in the array.

RAID Recovery Enquiry Form