Tape Recovery

Few recovery companies offer this service or with the depth that we do. This is due to our longevity in the market place. We have developed our own software for tape recoveries and have numerous and varied tape drives in-house. Our forensic approach allows us to read old or fragile tapes safely, without subjecting tapes to the harsh physical demands of the original backup software.

Tape recoveries fall in to 2 categories - Software and Hardware.


This is for cases where the tape reads normally or with errors but the original software is unavailable or fails to restore the data because of the errors. Software recoveries include overwritten backup sets, partially erased tapes and corrupt headers. We have a full, internally developed, software library for recovery purposes. This allows us to read most current backup sets: e.g. ArcServe, ArcSolo, Backup Exec, NT Backup, NovaBack, Palindrome, HP/Colorado backup, etc., without requiring, and without being limited by, the original backup software. If for some reason we haven't already recovered a particular backup software set, we can analyse the tape structure and custom write the software solution.


We have tape drives that span the entire range of tape types. From Quarter Inch Cartridges (QIC) through DDS, Exabyte 8mm, Travan, Digital Linear Tape (DLT) and Advanced Intelligent Tape) AIT, to Linear Tape-Open (LTO). We also have some specially modified tape drives for certain tape problems like "varying alignment" during the original writing of the tape. We have developed methods for reading past End of Data (EOD) on many tape types. This is particularly useful for overwritten tapes and Forensic investigations. All this helps us to read old tapes and tapes that are contaminated, broken, have damaged housings or any other physical defect.

Once we have read as much of the tape as possible, we use our above software techniques to recover the files.

Our process

Upon receipt of your tapes, we will conduct an evaluation. There is a nominal fee per tape depending on the type of tape and the number of tapes. The software evaluation procedure comprises physical examination of the tape, reading the tape and creating a list of the recoverable files. The hardware evaluation of the tape comprises assessment of physical condition and then reporting to you the findings and discussing the options. Once the evaluation process is complete, we will send you the report or file listing for your approval.

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